Purpose of Research & Innovation Seminar is to create a connection between researchers and city developers. This happens by showing research results and plans by the researchers but also problem descriptions presented by city developers, urban planners etc.  

90 mins RIS sessions can be participated in zoom, typically from 10:00 to 12:00.
No pre-bookings needed.


Seminar room => studio

The first session of the monthly (or so) Research & Innovation Seminar (RIS) was held in June 2020. In the beginning it was mostly like a research stream leaders' small-group. Later on, it has developed towards more popular and more discussive form. Corona-pandemia has, actually, moved RIS from seminar room to studio, and toward more panel type of approach. Remote audience can participate by making questions in chat. Recordings are available afterwards in Youtube channel for FinEst Research & Innovation Seminar (RIS)


  • 29.09.2021 RIS: How to improve energy efficiency of cities?
    10:00am - 11:30pm (EEST)


10:00   Short introduction

10:10   Improving energy efficiency in non-residential buildings
            Introduction of FinEst Pilot: Digi Audit - Kalle Kuusk
10:15   Automated indoor air quality assessment in a school – Martin Thalfeldt
10:25   Energy performance and carbon footprint of building portfolio - Martin Thalfeldt

10:35   Optimizing city power grids for increased renewable energy
            Introduction of FinEst Pilot: Microgrids   - Tarmo Korõtko
10:40   Overview and prospects of urban electricity distribution systems - Imre Drovtar
10:50   The outlook and prospects of Closed Distribution Systems in Estonia - Karl Kull

11:00   Panel discussion - Einari Kisel (FinEst Centre), John Millar (Aalto University),                              Asso Nettan (Lääne-Harju Municipality), Aado Altmets (City of Tallinn),
    Jaanus Tamm and Marek Treufeldt (City of Tartu)

11:30   End of session 

-         Host Kalle Toiskallio (Research Coordinator, FinEst Twins, Aalto University)
-         Host Matti Hämäläinen (Innovation Lead, FinEst Twins, Forum Virium Helsinki)

This RIS session will focus on FinEst Large Scale Pilots related to Energy: What kind of relations are there between city developers and energy researchers? What kind of roles an individual (citizens) is having in these pilots?

Large scale pilots present:
Real-time building performance audit and Reducing energy supply requirements using microgrids and energy storage

Registration to RIS session on 29.09.21:  How to improve energy efficiency of cities?
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  • 18.06.2021 RIS: Data Democracy Needed: New incentives for sharing urban data


- Fair use of data and equality in smart cities
- Urban Data Use in reality  


1.     Johanna Ylipulli (Academy Research Fellow, Aalto University)
2.     Veli Airikkala (Expert of Data in Urban Use, Forum Virium Helsinki)  
3.     Jarno Limnéll (Professor of Practice, Aalto University)
4.     Andres Jaadla (Deputy Mayor, Rakvere City)

- Host Kalle Toiskallio (Research Coordinator, FinEst Twins, Aalto University)
- Host Matti Hämäläinen (Innovation Lead, FinEst Twins, Forum Virum Helsinki)



- Collected urban data is not available/accessible to all user groups.
- Capabilities to collect and use urban data are low, particularly in smaller cities.

Recording of the session can be found HERE


RIS is hosted by Kalle and Matti (Kalle: Aalto University, Research Coordinator of Finest Twins project) and Matti Hämäläinen (Forum Virium Helsinki, Innovation lead of FinEst Twins project). Things in order are kept by Michel Nader from FVH (Studio tech, annual programme, etc.) and Anne Ilu from Finest Centre for Smart Cities (communications and schedules).


Typically, the sessions are kept in FVH’s studio, utilising its multi-camera system in Helsinki, Kalasatama Urban Lab (located in REDI shopping mall) (https://forumvirium.fi/en/kalasatama-urban-lab/) to create a smooth f2f or remote-meeting experience in zoom. A similar studio has been constructed in Finest Centre for Smart Cities in Taltech campus, Tallinn. In the future, RIS sessions will be held there, also.


If you have any questions regarding RIS or would like to be included in the email list to get notifications on the next events and other announcements, or, if you have an idea of academic paper that you would like to present in RIS, please contact Research Coordinator Kalle Toiskallio:

tel. +358 50 406 64 69

If you have an idea of a presentation regarding urban development or one already prepared, please contact Head of Innovations Matti Hämäläinen


Alternatively, follow FinEst Centre for Smart Cities Twitter account for more information and updates on the project.