Implementation of the Smart City Centre of Excellence Support Measure

(Subsidy No 2014-2020.4.01.20-0289) financed by the European Regional Development Fund and the Estonian Ministry of Research and Education.

Short description of the project:
The project will be implemented from 01.01.2020 to 31.08.2023.

Activity 1: Knowledge transfer through smart city pilots.
The pilots are knowledge-based innovative solutions (products, services) that will be tested in the urban settings and developed in close collaboration between TalTech researchers and involved Estonian urban regions. The pilots will be conducted in accordance with strategic research and development plan of the Smart City Centre of Excellence. The main activity is the preparation and execution of the smart city pilots. At least one local municipality, whose problem/challenge is being solved through the pilot, must be involved in the conduct of each pilot.
The expected result is at least four smart city pilots with strong scientific, innovative and commercial potential, carried out, in five areas.


Four research intensive ideas have been chosen to be developed and piloted by the Smart City Centre of Excellence. These pilot projects are financed by the European Regional Development Fund and the Estonian Ministry of Research and Education.

The Smart City Centre of Excellence will implement these four projects in close cooperation with about 50 researchers from several institutes from TalTech and Aalto. Külle Tärnov is leading this smart city piloting programme and is contributing that these pilot projects would create practical results for the cities and build good ground for the sustainability of the Centre.

Read more about these projects:

Activity 2: Smart City Centre of Excellence work environment and R&D Infrastructure.
The aim of the activity is to create a working environment, together with the necessary equipment and research and development infrastructure (demo area and smart city lab), for the implementation of the activities of the Smart City Centre of Excellence in the TalTech campus.
The main activity is to create working environment for the Smart City Centre of Excellence and the infrastructure necessary for the activities of the R&D in the TalTech campus. Creating the physical environment of the Centre involves adapting the premises to the needs of the Centre of Excellence and furnishing the workplaces. The R&D infrastructure includes the creation of a smart city solutions’ demo area and smart campus solutions at TalTech. The aim of the demo area and the smart campus is to create a high-speed mobile data communication network to start collecting the campus data together with the cloud service. This will create a test environment with high-speed internet and open data in Estonia, which could be used by researchers, the public sector and companies.
The expected result is the premises of the Centre of Excellence with equipment for at least 20 employees of the Centre and the creation of the research and development infrastructure of TalTech through a smart city demo area and a smart city lab, which will be completed no later than 01.06.2022.

Grant amount:
The total cost of the action is 8 600 000 EUR, which is financed as follows: European Regional Development Fund 7 310 000 EUR (up to 85% of the total cost) and the state co-financing EUR 1290 000 EUR (at least 15% of the total cost). The financing rate is 100%.


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